Our Region

Odenwald Experience

During your vacation on the farm you shouldn't miss the following highlights:


The life of the Romans and knights

  • www.roemermuseum-osterburken.de
  • take a walk along this old borderline and visit the Roman Museum, old roman forts, watchtowers.
  • everywhere you will come across these witnesses of history.
  • see how the Neckar fortresses are lined up like pearls on a necklace.
  • you can see this particularly well during a cruise on the Neckar river or visit the castles and you will feel like Götz von Berlichingen, high up on his Hornberg fortress, where you can take part in wine tasting with a beautiful view of the Neckar river.

Historical towns

  • take a stroll through the picturesque towns of Buchen, Mosbach, Eberbach, Amorbach, Miltenberg, Wertheim, Erbach.
  • these lovingly groomed towns in the region, which also offer a wide range of cultural events. A stay at our farm is ideal to explore the major
  • attractions this region has to offer, such as the castle and famous old town in Heidelberg, Rothenburg/ ob der Tauber, the Würzburg Residence,
  • the baroque gardens in Ludwigsburg, to name just a few.

Leisure Parks

www.freilandmuseum.com Odenwald Open-Air Museum
www.burg-guttenberg.de Fortress with knight-museum
www.burg-hornberg.de Fortress of Götz von Berlichingen - winetasting
www.peter-kaspar.de Glassworks - daily demonstrations
www.amorbach.de  Cozy baroque style city
www.mosbach.de District City Mosbach
www.stadt-miltenberg.de Miltenberg/Main, beautiful medieval town, Main waterway

Open-Air Museum Gottersdorf

here you can experience how people lived hundreds of years ago (17th to 20th century). They often have special events and deals.
For more detailed information on this, as well as on other attractions, please see www.freilandmuseum.com


Holidays for the kids

Our family-friendly holiday farm offers kids a lot of space to romp around, play and discover. Each family has their own house, so 'kids can be kids' here, laugh or cry, run and skip around, without disturbing anyone!
Swing, sandbox and a table tennis table offer fun for young and old. Our cats are always happy to be fed and stroked, with Lolle, our farm dog always around. Feeding a sheep, or the mini-pigs, is already a little more exciting; some kids might prefer to feed only the rabbits and guinea pigs at the beginning. Taking a stroll on Rocky's back - the pony led by the parents or grand-parents, is a highlight of any day! Children from the age of 6 can attend qualified riding lessons on our well-behaved and calm training ponies

Our ecological, natural, bathing-pond is a "hit" throughout the year! Catching newts, watching the dragonflies and, of course, in the summer, taking a dip and splash around in the bathing pond, while the parents take it easy on the sun-beds on the adjacent lawn.
You can experience a bit of agriculture by assisting with the daily sorting of freshly laid eggs in the morning (approx. 2500 each day). Taking a ride along on the tractor on the fields or even on the combine at harvest time are other experiences that go with a farm vacation
The adjacent forest is a great "playground" for the kids, bow and arrow carving, watching hares and deer, birds and plants, including rare orchids species - we'll be happy to provide you with further suggestions.

And of course, you can make plenty of other wonderful excursions from our farm. Large playgrounds, e.g. at the Klinge near Seckach, at the mill in the Marsbachtal near Walldürn, the Wildlife Park in Hasenwald near Buchen, the stalactite cave in Eberstadt, the Wildlife Park in Bad Mergentheim (www.wildtierpark.de) and the Wildlife Park with Enchanted Forest in Schwarzach (www.wildpark-schwarzach.de),  the Birds of Prey Center at the Guttenberg Castle with Knight Museum, the Museum of Technology in Sinsheim (www.technik-museum.de), or a night in a tipi with campfire, build drums at the 'Werkhof' in Eberstadt (www.die-haefners.de) , no child will get bored here!