Riding Lessons - Prices

The riding lessons are led by

Amelie Pfeiffer

Amelie Pfeiffer

Trainer B (FN), Riding Instructor for children and adolescents, Trainer for riding as therapeutic sport (Trainer B - Prevention of the German Sports Federation)

Alena Pfeiffer

Trainer C and Junior Dressage Vice-Champion 2007, as well as Vice-Champion Young Riders 2009, successful in Dressage competitions up to S-Dressage.


Ellen Bauer

Equestrian Assistant and Trainer C.

All lessons are carried out on well trained lesson ponies.

We do have insurance coverage but we still recommend having a private accident insurance.
Please make sure you use a well-fitting riding helmet as well as riding boots or riding shoes.

Since we mainly use well-trained ponies and small horses for the riding lessons, the offer of lessons for adults is only limited, depending on weight and size.

Group riding lesson (min. 3 riders)

45 min.

Adolescents € 18.00
Adults € 15.00

Riding lesson for two

45 min.  
Adolescents € 23.00
Adults € 30.00

Private riding lesson

30 min./ 45 min.
( only on privately owned horse - no reduction)

€ 25.00 -30 min

€ 35.00 - 45 min


€ 30.00-30 min

€ 45.00- 45 min

Lunge-line lesson

20 min, plus prep time    
Adolescents € 18.00 + € 3,00 prep time
Adults € 25.00 + € 3,00 prep time


Excursion, accompanied

45 minutes    
1 rider, per person € 30.00 Adolescents € 45.00 Adults
2 riders and more, per person

€ 25.00 Adolescents

€ 30.00 Adults
More than 4 riders, per person

€ 18.00 Adolescents

€ 25.00 Adults

Going for a walk with pony

per started 45 minutes

per pony € 18.00 - without saddle and  with saddle

Walk with pony - with assistant to lead the pony
45 minutes

per assistant additional  € 10.00

Excursion, accompanied

A riding helmet with a three-point chin-strap is mandatory for adolescents under the age of 18, and recommended for adults. We also recommend the use of riding boots or riding shoes with chaps.

Our advanced riding students may attend competitions/tournaments on our lesson ponies/horses.

We also recommend the use of riding boots or riding shoes with chaps.