Pony Breeding


Recent news - our first warmblood breeding success: Clé du monde (Cleo)
born 3 May 2013
by  Charming World : V Welt Hit I MV Randazzo -   Premium Mare of the Oldenburg Federation, born in 1999
S-Dressur platziert, M-Dressur mehrfach gewonnen (mit Alena Pfeiffer)
of Fürst Grandios : V Fürst Heinrich  MV Argentinus

Hier mit ihrer großen Mama am dritten Tag!

Our successful New Forest ponies:


New Forest pony stallion

born 14.06.2002
Father: Van Dyke B of Van Gogh
Mother: Offem Cassandra of Tricorn Asterix
Breeder: Amelie and Rainer Pfeiffer

Made second in the Öhringen tournament in March 2005 with excellent marks: jumping capacity 8.0, gallop 8.0, overall impression 8.0, jumping technique 7.7.
Received the official breeding stallion license at the Baden-Württemberg Young Stallion Show in March 2005.

Was sold to the well-known Danish New Forest stud farm Stutteri Elmholt (www.stutterielmholt.dk).
Received the breeding stallion license in Denmark in February 2006. Sadly, he was fatally injured in a train crash in 2007.


New Forest mare
Photo Chevy
born 16.05.1993
Father: Valentino of Vernons Vinyard
Mother: Petroesjka of Noorderap Chap

Chevy came to us as 3-year old, and was trained by us

Due to her many successes at tournaments, even competing against ‘big’ horses, she was officially recognized as ‘Priemium State Mare' in 2002. She has also been very successful at many mare shows. She was awarded the title of 1st runner-up of the top mares in her class by the Baden-Württemberg equestrian federation.

Chevy has been placed in the dressage Cl. L with our daughter.
After her sale to South-Baden she continues being successful at dressage tournaments with her new owner.


New Forest pony mare

born 01.06.1994
Fatherr: Rinaldo v. Rusty
Mother: Anka v. Heihofs Primeur

Breeder: Amelie and Rainer Pfeiffer

Angelina has won several top awards at mare shows and won the New Forest Pony mare show in 1999 in the group of 4-5 year olds.

She has been very successful in dressage as well as in jumping tournaments. She has also been successful at dressage tournaments with our daughter and trainees. Angelina was one of our favorite lesson ponies for many years. She is now 'doing her job' in a small, private horse riding school in Northern Germany.

She has been very successful in dressage as well as in jumping tournaments.

Gipsy King

New Forest pony gelding

born 02.05. 1998
Father: Galvan of Golden Dream
Mother: Angelina of Rinaldo
Breeder: Amelie and Rainer Pfeiffer

Gipsy King is our daughter's favorite. She trained him by herself and together they have already had been very successful at various tournaments.

He was already successfully presented in L-dressage competitions in 2005. He also has great jumping capacity!He is the darling of all riding students and of all 'his' mares!


New Forest mare

born 13.04.1988
Father: Kantjes Sjonny
Mother: Winsomes Lynette v. Oosterbroek Sergio
Breeder: Netherlands

Dynette was already 14 years old when she came to us and has been a very popular training pony ever since. She's also a great jumper, but too fast for most trainees.

Great jumper, but too fast for most trainees.

Sie hat uns 2005 ein wunderschönes Stutfohlen von Domani Doro gebracht: Destine.

Seit 2009 hat Dynette ihre Box im Nachbarort bei einer langjährigen Reitschülerin von uns, die sie in den Altersjahren gründlich verwöhnt.

German Riding Pony mare, Destine

born 21.04.2005
Father: Domani Doro (Reitpony)
of Dundee Gold
Mother: Dynette (NF)
Breeder: Amelie and Rainer Pfeiffer

At the age of 3, Destine was already extremely successful and won the Free-Jumping Championship in Öhringen with the fantastic score of 8.4 because of her exceptional jumping capacity.

At the Baden-Württemberg  State Championship for the 3 - 4 year old riding ponies she ended in 4th place.

The head of the breeding association recognized her potential for the participation in the Federal Championship of Pony Jumping. She has a very nice character and is well behaved, can be walked around or mounted by children. Very willing and attentive to the rider’s aids. Her first jumps under a rider  were also no problem for her.

Seen here with her first female foal "Die Fabelhafte" of Fuchur (Famos),born 17.05.2009

Since 2011  Destine bears the title of 'Staatsprämienstute' ('State Premium Mare').


New Forestpony mare

born 06.04.1998
Marnehoeves Everest of Anydale Nico
Nieuwmoeds Dorina of Merrie Moscan
Breeder: Netherlands

trained up to A-Dressage,
used as lesson pony,
for private lessons, excursions and on the Lunge

now privately owned


New Forest pony
born 28 March 2000
Breeder: Amelie Pfeiffer
Owner: Vogler/Götz-family, Schiffdorf

Father: Nigthfire
State Premium Mare Chevy of Valentino

Seen here with eleven-year-old Maxi Götz; they made third place in the Bremen championships. Has been among the top 3 in L-dressage competitions under Alena Pfeiffer.

Chelsea is a favorite in our pony riding lessons. She's easy going and can be presented tournaments successfully any time.

Hopi Hope

German Riding Pony breed
born 5 April 2007

Father: Hopkins (deutsches Reitpony)
Mother: Dynette (New Forest Pony)

Very long-legged young gelding, whose training was started in Spring 2010. He is very easy to handle and will surely make an excellent riding pony


Our new Welsh A breeding mare Coelenshage's Serenwen ("Sally")

Father: Forlan Tomboy, Father of Mother : Tongelre's Wyatt,

Sally is a very reliable lesson pony with an exceptional walk and trot. She is definitely the darling of our younger riding students.

In May 2008 she had a very good-looking stallion foal: Cadivor.