Our ponies - natural teachers!

Gipsy King, New Forest pony, born on our farm in 1998, also enjoys jumping.

Chelsea, New Forest pony, born on our farm in 2000.

Chelsea is very well trained in dressage but also enjoys jumping.

She is also very reliable and safe and has won top awards as trekking pony.

Große Fleur, New Forest pony, born in 1998

Reliable training pony, goes A-Dressage - now privately owned and only available for riding lessons on special request.

Lesley, Schweizer Freiberger, born in 2002

Lesley has been ranked in A-Dressage and is a safe jumper for beginners. She has already given us a beautiful filly and reliably carries young and old on excursion.

Destine, State Premium Mare, born in 2005

'Deutsches Reitpony' breed,
bred and raised by us,
great for the training of the advanced and more ambitious young riders.

Kleine Fleur, born in 1997

'Deutsches Reitpony' breed by Hopkins,
knows all A-Dressage exercises .
Since she is very well behaved (most of the time), she is much liked by beginners, either on the lunge-line or in group lessons..
Good jumper, but only under a rider who really goes for it!

Flicka, born in 1990

Mix-breed pony; Alena's absolute 'dressage star' when she was 10-11 years old.
They were among the top 3 at every E-Dressage competition they attended!
Flicka also enjoys jumping, is great at equestrian games and very reliable off-road. 

Ravello, Welsh A pony, born in 1991

He's the perfect beginner's pony, always calm and patient, goes at a slow trot on the lunge line, on excursion or in the group lessons. Nothing can disturb him. Many children have their first 'free’ riding experience on his back, off the lunge line. He has enjoyed very solid basic training (E-Dressage) and reacts very nicely to the rider’s aids, hereby enabling the trainee to learn a lot. Many of our trainees have won basic competitions with him. Seen here on the right side of the picture.

Dixi, born in 1982

The sweetest pony for beginners. She has not had any dressage training and sometimes has a mind of her own and will take short-cuts during group lessons but is a real favorite of our younger riding students. Shown on the top left in this picture.

Sally, Welsh A mare, born in 1998

The favorite of many of the younger riders, because of her good looks and because she is so easy to handle! She is very reliable, whether in the indoor or outdoor riding arena or on off-road excursions.

Holsteins Lorietta, Shetland pony, born in 2002

Our new 'star' for the youngest, whether on the lunge-line, in group lessons or on a walk through the nearby forest! From the successful breeder Karl-Heinz Bumann  www.ponygestuet-holstein.de

Rocky, Shetlandpony, born in 1991

Perfect for the first off-road excursions.

From the very beginnings of our Pony Riding School in 1996, the quality of character as well as the training of our ponies has always been of the highest importance to us. All of our ponies have either been bred and raised by us or were purchased from breeders or private owners.

In order to best meet our requirements, we began to use our New Forest Pony mares very selectively for breeding. For more information on New Forest ponies please see: www.newforestpony-ig.de

For questions please send us an e-Mail at info@ferienhof-pfeiffer.de or contact us by phone: 06292/7500