Climate-friendly living

Climate-friendly holiday for you and the environment:

Positive energy balance:

The energy consumption for the construction of a wooden house is only a fraction of the energy that is required for the construction with other materials. The production of one cubic meter steel consumes 320 x as much energy as is needed for the provision of one cubic meter of wood. The usage and processing of wood also requires much less energy than other building materials. The largest part of the energy consumption of wood as building material results from the technical drying processes and transportation to the construction site.


Wood is by nature a good insulator - in the winter it reduces heat loss to the outside and in the summer protects the interior living spaces from high temperatures.

Living environment:

Who has ever entered a wooden house and inhaled the air, knows the high quality of living offered by a wooden house. For humans an indoor humidity level of 30-55% is ideal. Solid wood has the unique capability to absorb as well as to release humidity. A good indoor humidity level minimizes the risk of mold and bacteria. This makes a solid wooden house a perfect choice for people with allergies and asthma.

CO2 Storage:

During growth, a tree stores CO2 to produce wood. When used for the building of wooden houses, the greenhouse gas is captured inside the wood for centuries and cannot escape. It will only be released through natural decaying or if the wood is burned. Using wood for the construction of houses keeps CO2 out of the environment for a very long time.

Houses build from wood conserve resources and have a very special 'feel-good' quality about them. Experience it for yourself!

Our holiday log cabins are created in solid construction and come from the company HONKA, based in Finland.They use the wood of slow-grown pine. The Finnish forestry operates in sustainable fashion - it grows more wood than is being cut down.

  • In order to support the natural ambiance the log cabins are for the most part equipped with solid wooden furniture made of pine wood.
  • The floors are covered with colorful cork and linoleum.
  • Interesting facts to know:
    Linoleum is a proven, natural floor covering, made from renewable raw materials. Made of linseed oil, wood and cork flour, rosin and jute fabric, it is a durable and environmentally healthy flooring, providing a high quality living environment.
  • The holiday cabins, as well as the entire farm, are supplied with pure ‘green’ electricity. Photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the houses generate electricity, which we are currently still feeding into the grid.